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It’s very important that you confirm your providers are in your health insurance plan network when you buy your plan. Since there is now an Open Enrollment period, once Open Enrollment ends, you cannot change your plan – even if you discover that your provider is not in the network. You’ll have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to buy a new plan – so you may be stuck without your doctor for an entire year.

You can view the various carrier’s provider directories online, but most providers have multiple networks that you must choose from – and you must select the correct network that corresponds to your specific plan. If you find your provider, but you’ve selected the wrong network, you might think that your provider is in network, but he/she is not.

The best way to insure that your providers are in network is to contact your local insurance agent/broker. An experienced broker will be familiar with the various carrier networks and will be able to navigate this maze for you. Licensed agents/brokers do not charge for their services.


Author: neil steinman

Neil Steinman is the principal of Orange County Health & Life Insurance in Orange County, CA – and has been serving the needs of California residents for nearly 20 years.