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The problem with most dental plans is that they’re developed in a such a way that you don’t seem to get much of a benefit. For one thing, there are waiting periods for most everything other than a simple cleaning or consultation. You pay for the plan, but you can’t use it for 6 – 12 months!

You only get about $1000 of coverage annually – and since you’re probably paying about $40/mo for the coverage, you barely get a benefit even after you’ve satisfied your waiting period.

But someone had a bright idea and created a plan that eliminated most of the waiting periods, offered annual maximums that are up to 5 times more than the other plans – and is actually priced much better than the plans that make you wait for less coverage. And here’s something that’s important to many people – it covers implants!

The plan is provided by an “A” rated carrier, and it’s a PPO, so you can go to any provider. You can click the logo above for more details.


Author: neil steinman

Neil Steinman is the principal of Orange County Health & Life Insurance in Orange County, CA – and has been serving the needs of California residents for nearly 20 years.