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WOW !! There’s a Medicare Advantage Plan available for 2018 that has some exceptional features. In addition to the coverage you would normally expect such as $0 premium and $0 co-pay for hospital, surgery, doctor, specialist, lab services, diagnostic tests and procedures, etc., this plan also provides dental and vision benefits that Medicare does not cover – at no additional cost to you.

While many Medicare Advantage Plans offer similar benefits, this plan allows you to go to the provider of your choice – and provides up to $550 worth of coverage. 

Go to the provider of your choice and get reimbursed up to $350 for these services: Oral Exams, Cleanings, Fluoride Treatments and Dental Exams. You can go to any licensed dental provider.

Go to the provider of your choice and get a routine eye exam for $0 copay, plus $200 allowance on non-Medicare covered eyewear including contact lenses, eyeglass lenses and eyeglass frames. You can go to any licensed eyewear provider.

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Author: neil steinman

Neil Steinman is the principal of Orange County Health & Life Insurance in Orange County, CA. Neil prides himself in keeping things simple and easy for his clients while providing them with the best products from the top carriers. In addition to working directly with clients, Neil is also an instructor of Health Insurance and Medicare to licensed insurance agents. Neil has been in the industry for nearly 20 years.