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There are a few Medicare Advantage Plans that give you money every month to offset the cost of your Medicare Part B. If you’re drawing Social Security, the cost of Part B is being deducted from your check. The average cost of Part B is $148.50/mo. 

With a Premium Reduction Plan, you could receive $125 every month. The plan benefits are similar to other Medicare Advantage Plans and the cost of the plan is $0 in many counties. Plus you’ll undoubtedly be able to keep your doctors (I can check for you).  


These plans may have a few additional copays. But since you’re getting $125 every mo (for example), you’re still way ahead if you have a slightly higher copay once in a while. You can decide for yourself after viewing the Summary of Benefits.

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Neil Steinman
Neil Steinman

Neil Steinman is the principal of Orange County Health & Life Insurance in Orange County, CA – and has been serving the needs of California residents for nearly 20 years.