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For 2022, the base cost of Part B is $170.10 – but it can be more based on your income. The acronym for this cost adjustment is IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount). To see a chart of IRMAA charges, click here.

Note #1 – If you have a Medicare Supplement with a separate prescription drug plan, there is also an increase in the cost of Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage).  This increase will be added to the cost of your drug plan. However…

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, the drug coverage is included in the plan. So even if the plan cost $0, you will still have to pay the Part D IRMAA charge if you’re in a higher income bracket.

Note #2 – Your income from 2 years ago is generally the figure used to determine IRMAA (since that was probably your last income tax return that’s available). If you were earning more income 2 years ago than you are now, and you want to appeal  the IRMAA amount, click here for the appeal form.

Neil Steinman
Neil Steinman

Neil Steinman is the principal of Orange County Health & Life Insurance in Orange County, CA – and has been serving the needs of California residents for nearly 20 years.